FAQ – Contributing

MySQL Workbench FAQ Listing

This is a collection of the questions that have been asked frequently.


Q.1: What is my motivation to contribute to MySQL Workbench?

As member of the community you help to make MySQL Workbench a better product. Regardless if you submit a patch for a bug or a new plugin to automate a given task – all users of the MySQL Workbench will benefit from your contribution. And in return you will benefit from the work that has done by other community members.

Q.2.: I am ready to become a member of the MySQL Workbench community, where should I help?

There are many areas where your support is very welcome. You can start by reporting bugs and answer questions on the Workbench forum. If you have more time and have development skills you might try to provide patches for bugs you find. Another area where you can contribute is to submit plugins or scripts you have written for your own purpose or to share model snippets that might be of broader interest.

Q.3: I am an avid member of the MySQL Workbench community, can I get a copy of the Standard Edition in return?

Yes. If you are a top contributor submitting patches, popular plugins, model snippets, scripts or other things we reserve the right to offer you a Standard Edition copy for free to reward you for your contributions to the community.

Q.4: What do I need to know to contribute to MySQL Workbench?

That depends on what you want to contribute. If you want to work on plugins or scripts you need to know or learn Lua – which can be done in an afternoon – or (later on) Python. If not you can just share your experience on the forum or share model snippets.

Q.5: Can I start writing plugins and scripts right now?

Please give us a few more weeks to clean up the GRT bindings. We have been so busy getting all the functionality done that the current interface to Lua is not fully up-to-date. Python bindings will be added later.

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