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MySQL Workbench FAQ Listing

This is a collection of the questions that have been asked frequently.


Q.1: What is the minimum hardware system requirement for MySQL Workbench?

MySQL Workbench requires a current system to run smoothly. Running on a three year old machine might work but can result in slow performance. The minimum hardware requirements are:

  • CPU: Intel Core or Xeon 3GHz (or Dual Core 2GHz) or equal AMD CPU
  • Cores: Single (Dual/Quad Core is recommended)
  • RAM: 4 GB (6 GB recommended)
  • Graphic Accelerators: nVidia or ATI with support of OpenGL 1.5 or higher
  • Display Resolution: 1920×1200 is recommended, 1280×1024 is minimum.

Q.2: Will Workbench run on my laptop?

That depends on whether you have a nVidia or ATI graphic card with OpenGL 1.5 support or higher. If not, MySQL Workbench can only be used in Software Rendering mode.

Q.3: Will MySQL Workbench be available on SPARC, PowerPC, MIPS, PA-RISC, etc?

No, MySQL Workbench will only be available on x86 (with multiple operating systems).

Operating Systems

Q.1: Which Operating Systems are supported?

MySQL Workbench is officially supported on the following list of client platforms. Please note that MySQL Workbench is a GUI client application and therefore the list of supported platforms is not as long as for the MySQL Server.

The list of supported platforms is available here.

Apart from the officially supported list of platforms we provide a number of builds for other platforms for your convenience.

You can grab the files from our official download pages.


Q.1: Which versions of Windows are supported?

Starting with MySQL Workbench 5.2 only Windows 7 is officially supported. Nevertheless MySQL Workbench is know to work on Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista when the .Net 4.0 framework (Full or even Client Profile only) has been installed (Windows 2000 is not supported.)

Q.2: Do I need the .Net framework?

Yes, in order to run the latest release of MySQL Workbench you need the .Net 4.0 framework client profile installed (the full .net 4.0 Framework will work too of course). Windows XP users need to manually install the .Net 4.0 framework client profile – it can be downloaded from here. If you run Windows Vista or higher, this update should come to your system automatically via Windows Update (but you can also download and install manually if its missing via the same link).
For versions older than 5.2.32, .net Framework 3.5 is sufficient.

Q.3: Do I need special drivers for my graphics card on Windows?

Yes, you need the latest drivers for your nVidia or ATI graphics card to be installed. Windows itself only ships with OpenGL 1.1 support which is too old for MySQL Workbench. If you do not install dedicated drivers MySQL Workbench will only work in Software Rendering mode.

Q.4: Do I need additional prerequisites installed in order to run MySQL Workbench?

MySQL Workbench needs the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installed on your system in order to run. If you don’t have it installed please download and install from the link above.


Q.1: When will Linux support become available?

Linux is supported starting with MySQL Workbench 5.1.

Q.2: Which Linux distributions are supported?

The list of supported platforms is available here.

Further, there are unofficial builds for other Linuxes available through the community.

Mac OS X

Q.1: When will OS X support become available?

OS X will be supported starting with MySQL Workbench 5.1.

Q.2: Which OS X versions will be supported?

As of MySQL Workbench 5.2, Mac OS X Snow Leopard is supported.

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