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MySQL Workbench FAQ Listing

This is a collection of the questions that have been asked frequently.

Workbench Editions Questions

Q.1: Is MySQL Workbench Open Source or is it Commercial?

There are two different editions of MySQL Workbench at this point in time – an open source edition and a standard edition that is only available for paying customers. See here for more details.

Q.2: What is the Difference Between the Workbench Editions?

The commercial edition adds a number of advanced modules that help users to work more efficiently with the tool. These modules range from workflow optimizations to extended object handling.

Q.3: I do not want to pay for anything, should I still consider MySQL Workbench?

Yes, the commnity Edition is fully featured and one of the most powerful database schema designers around. Please feel free to compare it with other tools available and see if it can be used for your purposes.

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