Discuss MySQL Workbench Topics

There are several channels you can use to discuss your problems or questions with the MySQL Workbench community. The easiest way is to post a message on the MySQL Workbench forum. If you have a more advanced question that cannot be answered there you can join the Workbench IRC channel on freenode.net and discuss with the MySQL Developer Tools team directly.

Web Forum

MySQL Workbench Forums

Please note that you have to login with your MySQL web account or register in order to post new entries on the forum

IRC Clients

In order access the freenode.net IRC server you need an IRC client tool. If you are using Firefox, you might prefer the ChatZilla plugin.


ChatZilla Firefox Extension

Once the tool of your choice is running, execute the command /server chat.freenode.net and once connected /join #workbench

Then you are logged into the #workbench channel.

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