Contribute to MySQL Workbench

During the last two years MySQL Workbench has become very popular in the MySQL community and since 2010 it is now the 2nd most downloaded product from with more than 250k downloads a month – only excelled by the MySQL Server itself.

To make MySQL Workbench even more useful to the community we need your help.

This page should give some ideas of how you can contribute to the MySQL Workbench project.


Please make sure you are always running the latest MySQL Workbench release. You can either download a binary release or you can build yourself. Doing your own builds allows you to debug the application and create patches you can send back in.

MySQL Workbench Download Page

Reporting Bugs

If you have discovered a bug please report it back to us. You do not have to provide a patch – a short description and a way how to repeat the issue is enough. Before you report a bug please run a search against the bug database to see if the issue already has been reported. If so, you can add additional information to the bug report to help use even more to trace down the issue.

MySQL Bug Database

Feature Requests

If you are missing a feature please feel free to file a feature request for it. Feature requests are also entered in the bug database. Just make sure you select Feature Request in the severity drop down.

Enter Feature Request

Plugins and Scripts

Writing a plugin or script that extends the Workbench functionality is the most exciting way to contribute. Please check out the Learn section for more information about this topic. Once you have a plugin or script you want to share with the community, please email workbench at sun dot com.

Other Contributions

We are going to add more suggestions how to contribute in the near future.