Check your video subsystem

As most of you probably know now, Workbench supports two visualization modes: hardware & software based. Unfortunately automatic switcher was not in place by the time when beta version came out (will be fixed in a week), so some of you, who don’t have video subsystem supporting OpenGL v1.5, will encounter error on start when trying to run hardware based configuration. Note v1.5 is a minimum required version of OpenGL needed to start Workbench. You can get detailed information about your video subsystem using one of these tools: OpenGL-Extension-Viewer or GPU-Caps-Viewer. Both of them support export into xml file, so you can also easily attach your video configuration to your bug report when needed.

Standard Edition Beta Testing Program

It has only been two days since I have announced the official Beta of Workbench and (after taking today off to do some snowboarding) I am amazed by the number of people who have already signed up for the Standard Edition Beta Testing Program.One question was asked by several people and that is, how often are we going to release new Beta builds? We are trying to release a build of OSS Edition and SE every 2nd week and always have the most critical bugs reported fixed.Edit: Please notice that the SE Beta Program has now been closed.