MySQL Workbench RC3 Build Done – To Be Released Soon

We have now completed the RC3 build and will test it over the weekend. If we do not find any major issues we will release on Monday. There are a bunch of fixes in this release again. Here are the higlights.

  • Syntax Highlighting activated for all schema object editors
    The syntax highlighter we used for the Lua scripts has proven itself since the last release so we decided to replace the dull standard edit controls
  • Canvas Speed Optimizations
    Alfredo found a stupid bug that was disabling all the caching that he built into the canvas. The speed has improved a lot and there is still room for a lot more
  • Description Palette
    We have now enabled the Description Palette that directly shows the description text associated with the currently selected schema objects. This makes instant documentation of schema objects on the diagram as well as the overview page much simpler

We will add a detailed changelog as usual when we publish the release.


MySQL Workbench Release Candidate 2 Available For Download

Shortly after getting RC1 out we have now released RC2. We fixed a few issues that were reported after RC1 was out, thanks for that! In addition to that we included a first version of the GRT Scripting IDE that will play a key role for the MySQL Workbench community in the future.

The GRT Scripting IDE allows to easily create scripts, libraries and modules that extend the core Workbench functionality. We will add detailed documentation and tutorials that will get people started. Vlad is hosting a tutorial on this topic at the upcoming MySQL Users Conference as well.

We also plan to create an online repository where people can share their Workbench extensions – think Firefox Extensions – but also including things like diagram-snippets, sample models and much more.

Please give RC2 a try and report your findings on the forums or via the bug system.

MySQL Workbench Forums


p.s. “GRT” stands for “Generic Runtime”, the scripting environment we have originally created for the MySQL Migration Toolkit but improved since back then. It allows to combine and add modules in many different languages like Lua, Python, Java, C++, …

MySQL Workbench 5.0.15 Release Candidate 1 Is Out!

We’re proud to announce that Release Candidate 1 is waiting on our Mirrors to be downloaded. More than 50 bugs were fixed and some additional improvements were incorporated into this build.  The connections drawing has been reworked. Now relationship-lines are evenly spaced along the sides of the table-figures. For SE version we also added a new relationship-notation where lines are connected directly from/to corresponding columns. DDL-Syntax of views is now parsed while editing – this also automates naming of the view-objects to the name used in DDL. Workbench-Overview-Page has been cleaned up and improved. And another SE feature – new pages for validation in SQL export plugins were added.
So please fetch our latest version and give it a try.

MySQL Workbench 5.0.14 beta released

A few days behind schedule, we can announce that the new beta – version 5.0.14 – has reached our mirrors. A bunch of improvements and fixes are incorporated in this release. The software rendering mode has been changed to using Windows GDI instead of the mesa-library. This change brings a big (and badly needed) performance boost when using MySQL Workbench without openGL rendering. There are further improvements like the brushed up property editor, new view-options on the overview page or manually resizable table-objects. Code has been cleaned up extensively and over 30 bugs has been squashed since 5.0.13. Take a look at our Releases Page to read all the dirty details.
Please check out the new release and see whats new and better.

New MySQL Workbench Release Coming Up

We are about to release the next Beta version of MySQL Workbench. There are no new additions like in the last release. This will strictly be a bug-fix build. Apart from several smaller fixes this build will see an improved software rendering performance. Alfredo has blogged about the changes in his last post. And the changes are really paying off. Tax tested it on several machines and found the speed to be acceptable even on older machines.

The slow and flickering software rendering has been one of the major points of complain (except from the yet missing Linux and OS X versions that will be released later this year). Now that this is out of the way we are marching towards the RC level, fast.

If there are no new obstacles the release build will happen later today. Markus from the web team will get online on Saturday or early Sunday to update the download pages. Then we will send out the announce emails asap.

Beta 5.0.13 of MySQL Workbench available for download

The latest Version of our beta-candidate 5.0.13 is finally available on our servers. About 70 bugs have been addressed since 5.0.12.Workbench now features a nifty update module (can be found via the help item in the main menu) and additionally the Standard Edition has a new Catalog Diff Report Module that allows you to compare two database-catalogs and creating a text-report. This Diff-Report Module lets you select two catalogs which can be taken from the actual document, a file or a live connection to a database-server. The interface of the new module is likely to go through some changes during the next stages to GA but we decided to introduce the feature in this beta version.Have a look at the Releases Page for detailed Information on the progress of the project.

MySQL Workbench 5.0.12 Beta Released!

We finally got WB 5.0.12 released. It was a bit complicated to get it out because everybody was on his way to the MySQL All Company Meeting here in Orlando, Fl, and with all the meetings going on. 5.0.12 is a next important step to get closer to RC. We did not fix as many bugs as for the last releases – partly caused by the vacations around X-Mas but as well because the number of serious issues is going down. There is still a lot to be done though but the light at the end of the tunnel is clearly visible already.

Btw., if somebody did not get the news yet (which I don’t think is possible), MySQL has been aquired by Sun. It is the biggest topic here at the All Company Meeting and I think it was the best thing that could happen for MySQL as a product and for the community. What it means for the MySQL Workbench project for the moment is, that nothing will change. We will continue our road to GA as planned and are currently putting together the feature set for the WB 5.1 release. But I think there might be some very good things happening for the community in the future.

MySQL Workbench 5.0.11 Beta out

We just unleashed version 5.0.11 Beta of MySQL Workbench. We fixed the nasty bug, that prevented us from releasing .11 earlier. To find out what’s new take a look at this page (You can trace all changes in detail here).

Although the filenames say 5.0.11a (notice the trailing ‘a’), what’s actually inside the packages is our official 5.0.11 beta release. That’s because we had already uploaded the files to our mirrors when we found that index-related bug on monday – so the fastest way for this release was, to add the suffix.

Please fetch the new release right away and keep up your good work with testing and reporting bugs.