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This page features a few quotes from MySQL Workbench users. If you like MySQL Workbench and would like to see your quote on this page please send an email to workbench@mysql.com with your name and company information.

Product of the Year 2009

MySQL Workbench received the Product of the Year 2009 award in the category Database Tool from Developer.com. We were able to leave MS SQL Server and Oracle SQL Developer behind and won with a “clear margin of victory between first and second place”.

“We’ve been waiting for a tool to match our requirements for a long time now. The Workbench definitely does more than that. We will very likely buy the SE for all our Backend- and Database-Developers.”

Christopher Nixon
Senior Executive, Loom Concept Ltd.

“I have been using various db modeling tools and MySQL WorkBench SE is my pick for MySQL projects. It works seamlessly with the latest version of MySQL and the UI is nice and clean. Highly recommedend for MySQL Developers and DBAs!”

Yong Huang, MySQL Consultant

“I’ve been struggling for years with database modeling tools that don’t quite fit. MySQL Workbench satisfies all my needs and does it with attention to both detail and usability.”

Travis Cline
Lead Developer at Absorbent, Ink.

“We’ve looked at many applications to manage database development, and MySQL Workbench is the best. It’s an amazingly powerful database management front end that’s also easy to learn. I use it exclusively now for most data design tasks, from advanced data modeling to general database administration. I recommend it.”

Kevin Haas, OpenBI, LLC

“MySQL Workbench SE is a powerful visual design tool. I have tried other modeling tools, but the learning curve was too steep. With Workbench, I was up and running within minutes. From now on it will be an integral part of my development toolkit.”

David Alsbury
Alsbury Media Group

“I’ve been waiting for a data modeling tool of this caliber for years. Of
course it finally took the good people at MySQL to get it done and come up
with Workbench. All of my web development projects already use this tool,
and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future. Thanks guys!”

Hunter Jensen
Barefoot Solutions

“I use Workbench a few months. Every day that passes the tool is more stable. The resources of Forward Engenieer are great and very well advanced. I hope to continue helping in developing the tool. GREAT WORK !!”

Leandro Nazareth, Tecgraf/PUC-Rio, Brazil

“I was expecting a database design tool. What they have delivered is close to
an Integrated Development Environment. Not only Allowing the database design
but the managment of user rights, Data table set up, Forward and reverse engineering.
Without pointless options, everything has a purpose. This makes it easy to use.”

Chris Crossley
Company 4-Instance Ltd

“I’ve been beta testing MySQL Workbench for a while now and have found the developers to be very responsive and open to feedback. MySQL Workbench finally gives us a toolset that can compete with the likes of tools found in MS SQL Server Enterprise Manager for example. Well done on delivering a quality product.”

Tim Lokot
Limespire Pty Ltd

“As a visual effects artist my responsibilities primarily consist of creating great art and not managing databases but in a modern production environment you live or die by your workflow and an integrated database is essential to keeping everything on track.

MySQL Workbench makes it easy for our company to create robust solutions in an interface that is easy to use and comfortable for a visually inclined mind.”

Gavin Greenwalt
Straightface Studios
Seattle, WA

“I’ve been looking for this kind of tool for a long time. It was a nice surprise when I started using MySQL Workbench. I don’t have very complex projects to develop, but I’ve a lot of projects and this tool helped me to do the job faster. I intend to continue using it even after it’s charged.”

Wanda Gomes de Almeida
Movimenta Propaganda e marketing, Brazil

“MySQL Workbench SE has allowed our team to improve productivity and deliver products on time and within budget. The tool is very intuitive and we find our new staff’s ramp up time minimal. This tool has reduced the task time of our data modeling significantly. This leaves more time to concentrate on quality and eliminates defects early in our development phase.”

Jamie Schultz
Vice President of Operations
B Three Solutions, Inc.

“I use to be a DBDesigner user, and now I’m a MySQL Workbench convert. The reverse engineering is an invaluable feature and use it quite a bit.”

Ven Reddy

“We have been using Mysql Workbench for the last 6 month, it was the missing part in our development cicle. Now we keep all development phases well documented. Great job thanks.”

Daniel Polack – Delogix GmbH

“Workbench has been to me both a training bench and a working tool. Great deal!”

G.Alex Ghibellini, Ghibellini srl

“Workbench SE promises to be an excellent product! A software tool that will be invaluable to anyone involved in MySQL database design and will definitely be an important part of our future data management projects.”

A. Di Cesare, Conspec Controls Ltd.

“I must say that I have absolutely no problem in sending in a $100 for the SE version now or in the future. The added features and time saving is well worth it to me. My ability to add to the project in a programming way is zero. So please take my money, help me get started in MySQL usage, and make us both happy. Thanks is advance for all you have done. I hope the Sun acquisition will not hurt this project.”

Charles E. Kenney, CPA

“I have been looking for a replacement for DBDesigner for years. This is truly a robust solution for any DBA looking to design, edit, maintain and compare databases.”

Marc Castrovinci
Smart Online Inc.

“[…] With the help of MySQL Workbench and features such as “Forward Engineering of the ER Diagram”, the development and management of schema’s has become even quicker & simpler. The MySQL team has done excellent work in utilizing today’s developer needs, reducing development time, and bringing faster deliverance of their applications for us to use. […]”

Kasra Rasaee
Software Architect & Consultant

“I have been developing database applications and doing database design for 20 years – and have found workbench to be a great tool!”

Keven M. Thibeault
Logical Design, www.logicaldesigndbs.com

“I have been waiting a long time for something like the workbench.”

Michael Inniss

“From DBDesigner to MySQL Workbench 5.0, my continuing use of this superb database modeling tool will forever exist. This product will be greatly appreciated amongst all novices and professionals, and is worth the purchase.”

Alex Morales

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    I am planning to develop bunch of new features ,will supply via plugin, for mysql workbench.
    My query is – am i authorise if i plan to sell this plugin to end users of workbench ?


    1. This is not the right place to ask such questions. Keep in mind MySQL Workbench is released under GPL and derived work must be released under the same license. You should discuss the legal implications of a plugin with a license expert to learn what you are bound to.

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