MySQL Workbench 5.2.43 released

The MySQL developer tools team announces the availability of version 5.2.43
of the MySQL Workbench GUI tool. This version contains various fixes
and minor enhancements and includes 53 resolved bugs.

With this version, Fedora 15 packages are replaced with Fedora 17.
Also, Gatekeeper in Mac OS X Mountain Lion is now properly handled.

For a full list of issues fixed in this release, see

Please get your copy from our Downloads site. In Windows, you can also
use the MySQL Windows Installer to update Workbench.

Sources and binary packages are available for several platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Workbench Documentation can be found here.

Utilities Documentation can be found here.

If you need any additional info or help please get in touch with us.

Post in our forums or leave comments on our blog pages.

– The MySQL Workbench Team

Author: Mike Lischke

Team Lead MySQL Workbench

5 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.2.43 released”

  1. Are there plans to create a repository for the deb packages? The software is great and getting better each release but downloading and installing manually feels arcane on any modern Linux distribution.

  2. This is another Workbench release in succession that introduces such serious bugs that prevents me from using it at all. The bugs are with model synchronization, which I use pretty often in an evolving project. I have database that I had designed with Workbench using the graphical model. Recently I ugraded to 5.2.43, loaded my model and wanted to include a few new tables from the database, those tables were created outside Workbench:

    – I selected Synchronize Model and chose all the new tables to be updated in the model. The new tables appeared in the catalog tree but when I dragged then to the model area I saw they were missing foreign key linking lines to other tables. I saved the model and restarted Workbench and it greeted me with a message saying “The model in file … contained a problem which was successfully recovered: ‘Index … has an invalid column reference. The referennce was removed from the index.”. It turned out all the new imported foreign keys were somehow ‘invalid’ for Workbench and were deleted.

    – Well, then I repeated the synchronisation, I had to again select the same tables to be updated in my model. After this I wanted to check if synchronisation went fine so I ran it again – and I was greeted with this error: “Type mismatch: expected object of type db.mysql.Table, but got db.mysql.ForeignKey”. At this point I gave up as I don’t seem to be able to synchronise my model in any way.

    I reverted to version 5.2.40 and the above problems don’t occur. Tested on 2 different computers.

    I would be good if Workbench was better tested before every release as I’ve seen very serious bugs in recent releases so much that I begin to question if using this program increases my productivity any more. The idea about this program is great I really want to like it but find it hard to. I wish the developers spent more time on making it reliable first and only then progressing with new features.

    BTW, what’s up with the check for same index and foreign key names in the new versions? Why does Workbench not allow it any more? All 5.5.x mysql versions I work with have no problem with that and the mysql docs don’t seem to say they are not allowed. This is a bit annoying because I don’t want to spend time updating index names in all of my tables if there is no problem with them.

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