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With the just released version 5.2.34 we also changed the python version used in MySQL Workbench (to 2.7). However, this produces a problem when upgrading from 5.2.33. The reason is that the installer leaves all the compiled python files (*.pyc) in the installation folder. On next load of Workbench you can’t even get beyond the splash screen.

We will soon publish a new release with that problem fixed. In the mean time simply uninstall Workbench before you install 5.2.34. Your stored connections, starters, settings etc. are not touched by this. Make sure that you remove any remaining file once uninstallation finished, before you install 5.2.34.

This problem was first encountered on Windows using the msi package, but might also affect the zip package or even other platforms. In any case remove the old files before installing 5.2.34.

Author: Mike Lischke

Team Lead MySQL Workbench

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  1. Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu Classic Desktop


    Could not load db.mysql.diff.reporting.wbp.so: Cannot open /usr/lib/mysql-workbench/plugins/db.mysql.diff.reporting.wbp.so

    NOTE: I have uninstalled WB. Deleted workbench related folders (.mysql in Home Folder and /user/lib/mysql-workbench), reinstalled. Same Error.

  2. I upgraded before this was published and now I cannot get the WB started. Uninstalling and re-installing it didn’t help! Any clue?

    1. As I wrote in the blog post. It is essential that no *.pyc remains in the installation folder of Workbench. That is the key. I think you can even remove them after the installation of 5.2.34 as they are dynamically recreated.

  3. Just an FYI.

    No matter what I delete…. I can’t get an older version to install now. Workbench no longer functions for me.

    As for Daniël van Eeden’s BUG REPORT…. they marked it as “S3 (Non-critical)”. There is no work around. There is no going back. Seems pretty critical to me.

  4. Regression:

    So, in the latest few releases, a handy feature was removed. When performing a new query (or EDIT) in the SQL Editor, it would auto name the tabs for you based on the name of the table being accessed. This was highly useful. Now, I have multiple queries that I pin (so that I can access and refresh them quickly). But they are all named Query X Result. This is not very helpful, and I have to click through each one and try to scratch my head and figure out which table the data belongs to (sometimes the data definition from one table resembles that from another).

    Maybe there’s a way to change this through preferences, and I’m just not seeing it?

  5. In this new version 5.2.34, the ‘File > Export > Forward Engineer ALTER SQL Script’ is not generating the script.

    I had to downgrade of my installation in order to make this options work properly.

  6. After the upgrade, or even removing 5.2.33 and installing the 5.2.34 it made my database connection to slow down. Now it takes a while to connect to the local databases. Before it was almost instantaneous.

  7. I downloaded 5.2.34 for SUSE Linux 11.4 64-bit (had no previous version on the OS unless it is installed along with MySQL 5.1 with the OS install) and it has an icon and seemed to install OK but when clicked the program tries to launch but nothing happens (similar to Chrome) and when I try to launch manually from BASH I get the error:

    ./mysql-workbench-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libpython2.6.so.1.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Is this because .34 uses PY2.7 and somehow it’s start-up files are looking for 2.6? Can i install PY2.7 and have this error go away or do I need to change some XML or properties files to point to the correct Python version? Thanks. Walls.

  8. When upgraded to 5.2.34 the EER Diagram Tools Icons can’t be seen. There’s noway to create new EER Diagram. I’m using WinXP by the way. I downgraded to 5.2.33b.

  9. “We will soon publish a new release with that problem fixed.”

    Two months ago I thought that this means 1 or 2 days. When do you expect that the fixed version is released?

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