MySQL Workbench 5.2.27 GA Available

We’re proud to announce the next release of MySQL Workbench, version 5.2.27. This is the second maintenance release for 5.2 GA (Generally Available). This maintenance release does not introduce any new features, but focuses on general product improvement and usability.  We hope you will make MySQL Workbench your preferred tool for Design, Development, and Administration of your MySQL database applications.

As always, we want to thank everyone for the great feedback we have received. This helps us to continuously improve and extend the functionality and stability of MySQL Workbench – please keep up on approaching us with any ideas to develop our product even further.

MySQL Workbench 5.2 GA

  • Data Modeling
  • Query (replaces the old MySQL Query Browser)
  • Administration (replaces the old MySQL Administrator)

Please get your copy from our Download site. Sources and binary packages are available for several platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

To get started quickly, please take a look at this short tutorial.

MySQL Workbench 5.2 RC Tutorial

Workbench Documentation can be found here.

In addition to the new Query/SQL Development and Administration modules, version 5.2 features improved stability and performance – especially in Windows, where OpenGL support has been enhanced and the UI was optimized to offer better responsiveness.
This release also includes improvements to the scripting capabilities of the SQL Editor. You can read more about it in

For a detailed list of resolved issues, see the change log.

If you need any additional info or help please get in touch with us.

Post in our forums, leave comments on our blog pages or if you want to talk to us directly you can visit us on our IRC channel #workbench on

– The MySQL Workbench Team

16 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.2.27 GA Available”

  1. It is a cool app. The GUI and everything about it is clean. Everyone out there should be downloading and using this app.

    MySQL Workbench 5.2.27 GA is what I downloaded and I’m already hooked to it. I’ve been exploring it.

  2. First – Awesome work. I was excited to stumble across Workbench while looking for some bug-fix patches for Administrator and Query Browser. This looks like a great program.

    However, as others have intimated elsewhere setting the minimum screen resolution at just larger than a netbook is a bit frustrating. I know a lot of care goes into GUI design – but I wager there is NO combination of items so important that they must ALL be on the screen at the same time, or can’t be hidden behind a scroll bar, or minimized in some way.

    Just take a look at any other GUI. Even button intensive ones like GIMP. At least there I have full control over what I see at any given time.

    To minimize the risk of being labeled a choosy beggar, let me provide some possible approaches:

    –Option to minimize or hide text labels for icons
    –Make all the frames scrollable, and let the user decide what is necessary to be visible
    –Put different task menus in separate windows a la gimp (also handy for the times when we multi-screen)
    –Creative use of dropdown menus (instead of starship consul)

    As others have pointed out, lots of us do on-the-road DBA and live out of our netbooks.

    Please re-consider your minimum size requirements.

    Thank you, and keep up the good work.

  3. When opening large (over 1Mb) data dumps in the SQL Editor, random characters are being dropped.

    In some instances it’s just a single character, but there are also sequences of characters which are going missing. There is nothing obvious or unusual about the characters which are missing but all seem to be in inserts – e.g. in one case it’s a ‘-‘ in a date string, in another it’s the value of seven or eight fields in an insert. It does seem to be the same characters that are lost each time the file is loaded.

    It’s not just a display issue, as running the script results in errors caused by the missing characters.

    The dump itself seems fine when opened in another editor, however the insert lines within the script are extremely long, and it would be better if the dump routine were changed to output the inserts split across multiple lines which is what pretty much every other dump utility I’ve used does.

    Everything works fine in v5.2.25, but I haven’t been able to test it in v5.2.26 as there is a bug preventing the dumping of databases which including views.

  4. Installed 5.2.27 CE release 6485 yesterday to replace (supplement) MySQL Query Browser I used for years. I like new app a lot, but there is one thing I still could not figure out – how in SQL Editor view to clear/delete Output->Actions. When I run huge sql scripts I only want the results of the last run to be displayed. Would appreciate if you direct me to the page in tutorial or give a quick suggestion here. For that reason I ended up running MySQL Query Browser and Workbench in parallel: using Query Browser to execute large scripts and Workbench to run single queries.


  5. Just discovered MySQL Workbench, and finally figured out how to allow remote access to my server databases.
    I’m still very much a novice in the SQL scheme of things. But this tool so far has been AWESOME! Still love PHPMyAdmin but Workbench seems to allow more advanced options and tool sets.

    Fricking choice, thanks so much to all the developers of MySQL and Workbench.

  6. First, thanks for working hard on this software that I find very appealing and useful.

    But I wanted to say that here on mac Os X 10.6 the software is still very buggy

    I had not used it for a year or so and was hoping that things had gotten better, and they seem to have but not to the point that I don’t have to restart the program just to be able to copy/paste tables in a diagram (this works randomly …) or not to the point that I am not afraid the software will just crash on me for no reason …

    I really want to be using this great tool only I am still at loss as to why so many UI improvements over more robust behavior

    I’ll report bugs if I have time to do so


  7. How do you install this latest MySQL Workbench in CentOS 5? I am a newbie and more of a GUI person so GNOME is my only working area. Anyone can advise how can I install it in my GNOME under CentOS 5?


  8. I am an experienced Mainframe Data Processing Professional who is taking classes to move into the world of databases. I have an assignment to complete for a class using the DB DESIGNER 4 tool. I have successfully downloaded the MySQL Workbench but cannot find anything to allow me to start the tool.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and WILL mean the difference between me getting an A and me getting an F!!

    Thank You.

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