MySQL Workbench Wins Top 10 Placing

Jack Wallen from TechRepublic put together a Top-10 list of his favorite cross-platform applications. It is humbling to find MySQL Workbench in the company of such popular products like FireFox, Chrome, and Open Office.

Find his full list of applications here.

We can learn a lot from the other app in that list, e.g. we also want to be like FireFox in building a big set of community developed plugins. That is the reason we designed MySQL Workbench in a modular way and made it fully scriptable.

We are currently in the process of updating the documentation of how to write plugins and the scripting API. Watch out for more posts on this topic soon.

9 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench Wins Top 10 Placing”

  1. Congratulations guys! MySQL Workbench truly is a pleasure to work with. I’m anxiously awaiting every update to see what’s new.

    Thank you for a great product!

  2. That top ten list is an amazing group to be a part of! You guys deserve it. And Michael, way to go for lighting this match years ago.

    Can’t wait for the plugin API!

  3. Congratulations Mike and the whole team!
    Fantastic to see this great result from your hard and dedicated work, now over 3 years on the project.

  4. Wow, this is excellent news. It’s been in my personal top-ten for a long time – this is really good recognition.

    Good going all 🙂

  5. Congrats!! I agree WB is a great product with lots of potential,, I just wish you can add some of the simplicity and friendly look and feel that we had with MySql Administrator GUI tools..

  6. Congratulations for all the team of wb.
    i’m really enjoying this new step on GUI, i’ve been looking all the beta versions and the new experience.

  7. Congratulations on winning this. Since the creation of workbench I’ve really taken notice of how quick development is and love how great the tool is. Keep it up! It’s nice to hear companies following in Mozilla’s footsteps when it comes to community building

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