EOL of MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Administrator, MySQL Migration Toolkit

With the beta releases of MySQL Workbench 5.2 well under way, we recently announced the EOL (http://www.mysql.com/support/eol-notice.html) of the MySQL GUI Tools Bundle.

The MySQL Tools team has been working on MySQL Workbench 5.2 to give DBAs and developers an integrated tools environment for:

  • Database Design & Modeling
  • SQL Development (replacing MySQL Query Browser)
  • Database Administration (replacing MySQL Administrator)

MySQL Workbench 5.2 also provides:

  • Remote Administration (using SSH-Tunneling)
  • Python scripting and plugins
  • Native GUI for Windows, Mac, Linux

A future release of MySQL Workbench (post 5.2) will add a migration plugin, providing features comparable to the MySQL Migration Toolkit component of the MySQL GUI Tools Bundle.  We will also be adding many other enhancements and new features.

Thanks go out to the community for the great feedback, new ideas, and bug reports on Workbench.  That helps immensely. We promise to keep listening and working hard to incorporate your feedback in improving the product.

To learn more about MySQL Workbench:

Best Regards,

Mike Zinner, Lead MySQL GUI Tools

55 thoughts on “EOL of MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Administrator, MySQL Migration Toolkit”

  1. So I need to install and run a MySQL Database design tool, just to administer that? A developer tool (athough a good one) being forced on the DBAs (who couldn’t care less)? Or??

    And that said, MySQL WB is good. Very good. But that is beside the point here.

  2. My primary tool for designing my data models is MySQL Workbench! now I’m using 5.2 since 5.2.10 in my production model (for now everything is fine), great job!!! great app!!! there isn’t anything like this, that I now, for MySQL.

    I use, for now, apart MySQL Aministrator, but I will give a try the administrator function of Workbench.

    I could use the query, administrator and design functions of Workbench, but I also understand the point of Anders, maybe in the future it could be modularized so you install the modules that you only will use (administrator, query, design).


  3. Besides, as far as I know there won’t be a version of MySQL Workbench that runs on the PowerPC architecture. True, even Apple dropped the support by issuing Snow Leopard, but slowly I’m pushed to spend some 1500 bucks on a new Mac just to keep developing? (I’m not thinking just WB here. Chrome, Songbird, … the list goes on)

    I’m from the unix/linux world and their philosophy (one job, one tool) suddenly makes more sense, doesn’t it?

    Just my two cents.

  4. I just tried the Workbench and it seems like a massive step down in simplicity and usability from the MySQL Query Browser (with approximately the same reliability–it already crashed once on my coworker’s machine). I don’t even know how to prioritize the sources of my disappointment, but I’ll name a few things: standard editing keystrokes don’t work, more clicks to do the same tasks (a simple “SELECT * from TABLE_NAME” used to be a few mouse clicks), the Tables presentation under “Overview” is awkward (a grid of tables sorted so that tables a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i are presented as a, b, c, , d, e, f, , g, h, i), I can’t figure out how to select a default table since double clicking on a table simply pastes the table name into the awkward editing window, and more.

    It feels like a few of the other free or low-cost SQL GUIs that are out there, so I wonder if the goal was to be as unusable and overfeatured as they are.

    In addition, the dozens of stored connections and bookmarks I have accumulated under the Query Browser are not importable into the Workbench and the XML isn’t similar enough that I could easily do it manually (if I wanted to).

    Insert sad face.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      most things you listed above are easy to fix and we would get right at it if you could file them as bug reports on http://bugs.mysql.com. I don’t know if you remember the old days of MySQL Query Browser but if you do, you will find that this first release of WB including the query functionality is already many magnitudes better of what we had back then. Point is, we cannot do everything in one release with the small team of developers that we have on this project. But we are now much quicker in fixing bugs and getting the tool more stable. So, if you can take the time of filing bugs for us, we would be more than happy to address all the issues you find.


  5. Or… DBAs could just not download the GUI and go command-line like in the good old days.

    Great evolution of GUI tools IMO.

  6. I cannot perform a simple mysqldump using WB 5.2.11 beta – “Operation failed with exitcode 2” each and every time. I connect to a MySQL instance running on a Linux box on my LAN via the SSH tunnel option, but notice WB is trying to run mysqldump.exe.

  7. Hey Mike,
    thank you for providing Workbench tool, looks great and works fine.
    Please could you change Save button behavior? When saving opened .sql script – on press Save button it works like Save As.
    And it would be nice to see the filename in the TAB label.
    Thank you, best wishes to you

  8. Agree with Anders Karlsson.
    Don’t like the function of Admin and SQL querying on Workbench. though Data modeling is good. I prefer separately.

    1. Hi,

      I can clearly see where you and Anders are coming from. But the problem is, one can never please everybody. When we did the individual tools MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser, people kept complaining that they have to use two different apps to do their database tooling jobs. Now it is the other way round.

      Fact is, that it is easier to maintain and improve a single tool, when you are running a small team of developers, like we do. And since we want to improve the overall quality of the MySQL GUI tools, we decided to go this way.

      What we might add in the future are different icons to the Dock/Start Menu so that you can directly start e.g. the Admin part of Workbench. So you would not know the difference to having several separate tools.

      I hope you can now understand our reasoning.


  9. After a serious problem, I had my computer newly setup and am now installing all the tools I had been using before.
    With the MySQL Client tools, I experienced a big disappointment. I was used to doing everything needed with MySQL Query Browser and MySQL Admin.
    The Workbench v. 5.2 looks totally different. and I am afraid to say: it stalls when I try to look at our many databases – the only thing I see is three folders labeled “fetching…” for each one of them.
    A try with v. 5.1 was even more disappointing. That version does not seem to replace Query Browser and Admin at all – it is JUST for modeling.
    The most serious issue I have with your EOL (What does EOL mean for normal people, anyway?) is that a few days before Christmas, you are discontinuing well proven tools for a widely used database, and FORCING a totally new set of tools with en entirely different GUI on the thousands of DB developers and admins.
    You simply cannot do that in a democratic community.

    1. Hi Gerald,

      there is nothing that prevents you from using the old MySQL GUI tools, if you prefer them to WB. They are listed in the archives, here is the link.

      But we would rather like to fix the bug you are seeing on your machine. It would be very good if you could file a report on http://bugs.mysql.com and help making Workbench better.


  10. G’day Michael,
    I can understand your reasoning for combining the tools together.
    But the initial download was a bit confusing.
    Having just finished reinstalling Windows 7, the next task was to download and install the various admin tools we use.
    I try not to install Beta tools on our production systems, so I opted for WB 5.1.18 and then spent a frustrating period trying to work out how to even connect to a remote DB. (Not being familiar with the interface, I did not realise that Admin and QB are not included in this version.)
    Once you get it up and running (WB 5.2) it looks pretty good.
    But the first DB server we tried it against was a v4.1.19 (have updated bug#49916) and it refuses to list the tables.
    So then spent another fruitless search trying to see if there was a minimum DB level, before finding it as a bug, and reinstalling an old version of Admin that works fine.
    Is there a minimum supported DB version?

    Rgds Ben

    1. Hi Ben,

      you are correct. WB 5.2 is only available in Beta status right now, but we are working very hard to get it to RC and GA soon. WB 5.1 did not yet have the Query and Admin sections, these have only been added with WB 5.2.

      As MySQL 4.1 and even MySQL 5.0 are EOL already, we are focusing on MySQL 5.1. Using MySQL 5.0 will still work in Workbench, but we are advising people to update to MySQL 5.1 if it is possible for them. MySQL 4.1 will not work because Workbench relies on the INFORMATION_SCHEMA that was added in MySQL 5.0 only.

      If you need to stick to MySQL 4.1 I do recommend to keep using the old GUI tools. They will stay available for download in the archives.


  11. Is it just me, or does the new Workbench offer no functionality for repairing DB tables as the older MSQL Administrator does? I’ve been looking everywhere, and there seems to be no equivalent of the catalogs -> maintenance options anywhere in the new tool.

    1. Hi johnny, good point. We were not able to add everything into the first releases of WB that does administration. The feature you are looking for will be added as soon as possible.

  12. I personally feel the EOL came too soon. Workbench isn’t yet mature in several areas and can not take over what I need to do every day in the old GUI tools suite.

    I also wonder about the GUI design on the new tool, ESPECIALLY in table design. Query browser had a brilliantly elegant table design tool that was straight forward. In Workbench I am presented with a large unruly grid of check boxes and truncated titles. The entire application seems far too cluttered visually and I seem to have to run it maximized all the time. The older tools being more task focused could run on a small portion of my screen allowing convenient app flipping and referencing data. This is all a significant step backwards IMO. Workbench I’m sure has a bright future but for it to trigger an EOL for the old suite at this point is highly disappointing. It’ll be awhile before I use it for anything other than occasional data modeling.

    1. Hi Steve, of course you are free to keep using the old tools if you still prefer them. We just got started with MySQL Workbench 5.2 and WB 6.0 will already see a lot of improvements.

      The point is, that we need to focus our development efforts on a single tool. We do not have the resources to maintain the old tools while still developing something new. For this reason we have now officially announced the EOL of the old tools – which basically is just an acknowledgment of the current situation, the way it has been since more than a year now.

      We will continue to off the old tools for download but we want to send a clear message to the community – MySQL Workbench is the future, please try it out and give us feedback how we can improve it.

      I hope you can understand our motivation.

  13. where are the rest of features in gui bundle, namely the backup and restore operations!!!

    please advise

    1. ziad, you will find the backup/restore directly on the Home screen. Just click onto the Manage Import/Export action item and it will take you right to the Admin section “Data Dump”.

  14. Just downloaded the workbench because I’m experiencing the bug in the query browser http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=30108. For some reason I can’t connect to my DB server as root (this is a sandboxed dev vm) but if I create a new user I can. But now I have no idea how to make the workbench display a DB and run queries on it. The old tools seemed to make sense for somebody who has to access the DB infrequently.
    I never needed docs or wikis. Well I can’t find the home screen http://dev.mysql.com/doc/workbench/en/wb-home.html its just not there, anywhere to be found.

  15. Great migration and evolution!

    I’ve been in data management from dba’ing to dbd’ing for the past 20 years. Using Oracle, DB2, rdb, Informix, et.al (incl SQLServer) from their infancy was far more painful than the MySQL evolution has been the past 6 years.

    IMNSHO, having most (if not all) of the dba and dbd tools in a single location gets to the heart of the matter for both rapid deployment and sound administration of dbms’.

    Impatience as a purist only separates functionality, degrades progressive thought and establishes elitism in the roles of developers or administrators impeding the path to a great data management solution.

    Kudo’s to the team, evolution is painful as change is not always on the communities mind, but clearly we are looking, and moving, forward!

    Downloaded and loving every bit of it, even the painful parts….

  16. Hi, Michael… thanks for the reply.

    Here is my concern with the EOL as it sits. While I fully understand the development resources issue and the need to focus I still feel an official EOL isn’t there yet. The EOL does two things…

    A. it implies that this tool’s functionality has been fully replaced by new tools which hasn’t happened. There is still key functionality missing from Workbench (Migration being the biggest). While these items are coming, can you EOL the tools that still provide those functions?

    B. It makes life more difficult for new mySQL users just getting started today. When learning mySQL I wouldn’t assume that I had to go digging in the product archives to find functionality I expect to be in the current release tools. As a result the missing aforementioned functionality becomes non existent for the time being until they trip over the fact that is available in EOL’ed tools.

    Again not trying to be a pain here, I do understand the situation the team is in and while I’m not a fan of Workbench yet I’m sure it’ll get there one day. But for it to trigger the archiving of the existing tools at this point is just too soon. Just leave them in the current downloads at least and mark them as no longer under development.

    Lastly, where can I find the code for the latest r17 release of GUI tools? The latest I could find was r14. I wanted to clean up a couple issues I’ve been having myself. Thanks!

  17. I have found WB to be enormously helpful for data modeling. It’s made me a better data modeler (although the bar was set pretty low). To me, its querying UI is in some ways more useful than phpMyAdmin, and in some ways less so.

    WB 5.2 is still very rough around the edges, and needs quite a bit of polish, but it’s very promising.

    I would encourage the WB developers to do some basic usability evaluation! Put your software in front of real users, both novice and experienced ones, and make your developers watch how it’s being used. There are lots of usability “gotchas” in WB. These will become apparent by watching real users, but you’ll never see them reported in the bug tracker because they’re tough to describe.

    1. Hi Jack, thanks for your comments. WB 5.2 is the very first version that includes querying and administration functionality. We did not call this version 6.0, because we are fully aware of a lot of shortcomings this version still has. Nevertheless we thought it is important that we release early and not wait 6 more months till we put this version out. This helps us to get feedback like yours and do more usability tests early on.

      The old tools are still out there to be used but we want as many people as possible to try out WB 5.2 and give us feedback, like you do.

      Thanks a lot!

  18. First try, first fail. Cannot create a server instance:

    Check if %ProgramFiles%\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\my.ini exists locally
    ERROR: Test Error: File %ProgramFiles%\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\my.ini doesn’t exist
    Operation failed: File %ProgramFiles%\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\my.ini doesn’t exist

    But its installed there and my.ini exist. German WinXP Pro SP3, x86, MySQL 5.1.42

  19. I’m really really shocked you would EOL the query browser / admin. I’m looking at workbench and VERY confused. I’m a former SQL Server DBA. How do i run queries? backup, etc???? this looks like a completely different tool? I type query in help – nothing. reverse engineer is great for design, but not administer!

  20. Hi guys,
    First let me say well done on combining everything into one new application.
    I shared the frustrations of some of the above commenters. I just upgraded to Windows 7 and my first time hearing about Workbench was when I went looking to reinstall the GUI tools. I’m not a DBA or a professional developer but more of a hobbyist, so I’m naturally more comfortable with the GUI tools for DB administration and query building/testing.
    Having seen the EOL notice for the GUI tools, I too downloaded 5.18 expecting to find the same functionality up front. I’ve spent a frustrating hour trying to figure out the Workbench, finally choosing to attempt to ‘synchronize model with database’ thinking that this might enable me to work with my DB directly.
    You could save novices like me (and others) a lot of wasted time and frustration by simply posting clear notices at the download page and in the GUI tools EOL notice that in order to use db administration and query browser functionality, one must download the ‘Development Release’ 5.2.

    Or as an alternative, look at your download page at http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/

    It lists 3 bullet points for the functionality provided, yet unless the user clicks on the ‘Development Releases’ tab they will most likely download 5.18 and wonder why they can’t find this functionality in what they’ve just downloaded.

    Save a lot of people a lot of hassle by just adding a little notice on this page to say the query browser and admin capabilities are only available with the 5.2 download!

  21. Just installed wb 5.2.16b only to have to conclude it doesn’t support mysql 4!

    Because the errormessage only wronfully stated things regarding the characterset instead of actually telling me it cannot connect to the old db-format, it took me quite a lot of time figuring out!

    Please add support for version 4 before you EOL the working tools 🙁

  22. Hey guys, still hoping to see the final GUI Tools r17 code posted. Any idea when this might be?

  23. On the topic of backup, the old gui tools would let you schedule the backup. Is there any plan to add that in the new tool? I see where I can dump, but realy do not want to manually perform what used to be automated. Seams like a step backwards.

  24. Version 5.18 is missing critical functionality needed to admin a DB. The release notes state it is in a development build of 5.2. That does me no good. I cannot run development software in a production environment.

    I tried the development build of v5.2 in a test environment and found that you have turned the GUI for MySQL from one of the best and easiest to administer, with the old tools, to one of the worst. It is not an intuitive tool. I find both MSSQL and Oracle’s admin packages much more intuitive and easier to understand.

    The fact that you are only presenting the v5.18 as being stable and have removed the links from the main page to the older tools implies that that version has all of the functionality of the old tools. Most people wouldn’t think they need to either run development software or have to go through the archive to find GUI tools to admin their database.

    The idea that you will EOL the old tools before the new version is fully cooked is ludicrous. At the very least you should continue to support the old tools until you can deliver a non-development version of the new tools that replaces ALL of the functionality that we previously had.

  25. First, WB 5.2 is a nice tool, but it is no replacement for the old mysql-administrator.
    The for my important functionality is NOT available, as server-health and view on a database and have an idea about the size of all tables inside, and the size of the indexes,…

  26. Hi,

    I just downloaded the 5.1 tool which is listed as replacing the older QB and Admin Tool on the web page. I was (unsurprisingly) incredibly frustrated. Could you please not list 5.1 as a replacement for EOL products that it simply doesn’t replace? In the meantime I’m giving 5.2 a whirl and am hopeful!

  27. Cannot figure out how to view the records of a table. Cannot execute a SELECT query. how do you do this?

  28. Hi totally agree with Daniel Quinlan ! What a step backwards for everything.
    It is now obvious that Oracle wants to kill MySQL.
    This GUI workbench is absolutly not usable : it takes hours ro understand how to add a schema and create a new table. The interface is slow and way too complex.
    I loved the MySQL gui tools because it was easy, straightfoward and most of all it did the job. What this interface doesn’t.
    Who is crazy enough to find this crap usable on day to day life ? Journalist ? (paid by oracle and:or the kind of guru that never did a real life project !)
    It is a pity to see the MySQL project slowly dying !

  29. mysql or should i say (oracle) really blundered with this one. They take the best DB out there, with the best tools, and they buy it and purposely try to tank it.

    why take away the dl to the tools like query browser and admin – with a “5.2” release which doesn’t exist yet. honestly. If its in beta…

  30. Thanks for creating MySQL Workbench. I just started working with it (MAC, version 5.2.21 RC) this week and am happy with a lot of the features. There’s just one little obstruction: there isn’t a toggle to handle displaying records containing blog and text fields. I know you can paste individual records (or a table) to CSV, but that doesn’t really make an easy check for modifications to these fields in a table. A toggle between the current truncated record display vs a full record display including the longest field would sure make you guys even bigger heroes than I already think that you are. Is something like this in the works?

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  32. I’m using server 5.1.x and workbench 5.2.x. I used big5 fonts for some of my records. When I export my query results, I get weird stuff instead of the right character. Could any one tell me how to correct this error? The DocLibrary said that I can use the drop down manual to choose different fonts. I did not found the drop down manual. Thank you for our help.

  33. Hi, you want some feedback on Workbench? Make the query browser part of it work like the old one! I have never used such an infuriating tool, the old one wasn’t perfect but it was (and still is) the best query tool for MySQL. I can understand you wanting to merge the tools, a great idea, but why did you have to go and completely redesign the functionality???

  34. Rob: What exactly do you want to work like the old tool? The layout? The back/next button? The green icons? The jumping dolphin?

  35. Hi,

    Im migrating procedures from oracle to mysql.I need to create packages in mysql.Is there any replacement for packages in mysql.So that it will be helpful to migrate.Plz help me out of this issue soon.

  36. I just installed workbench 5.2.33. I had to install .NET 4.0 client framework on windows XP but workbench does not want to start up. Any idea?

  37. Okay, it’s been a year and a half since the EOL said there would be a migration plugin. Where can I get it?

  38. If you install WorkBench on Windows XP you also must install Python.
    There is no difference Python 2.7.1 or Python 3.2.

  39. I have just moved to a 64 bit machine where I seem forced to use the workbench. I agree with the others above that it is a terrible step backward from the Query Browser and Administrator. Luckily I keep installers for old software and will set up a 32 bit virtual machine so that I can continue to use the really useful old tools.

  40. What “exactly” do you want to work like the old tool?

    Oh boy… where to start… well….

    Layout. Yes.

    Back Button. Yes.

    Clean up the interface and remove the combo-box drop down as a means of setting the default schema. Then use a boldface schema name to indicate which is the default.

    Allow editing result contents and applying changes. Double clicking on a column’s value in a result to allow editing that value is an intuitive action. In comparison to the old application what you have now is counter-intuitive.

    Lose the line numbers in the query, or at least allow us to turn them off… they are so 1970’s. Does you C code have line numbers? Only if you want them and your editor supports them.

    Less flowery default font and a better way to change it. Go use the old Query Browser for a good example of a readable default font.

    Don’t flash the output tab to the foreground, unless there is an error, and then KEEP IT THERE if there is so the user is not staring at a blank result.

    Clean up the interface. Fewer toolbuttons, less clutter, more focus on designing and testing the query. ALlow the user to clutter up their interface if they want to… but Back, Forward, Execute, Explain and Compare are plenty.

    I’m sure I can find many more things to improve, but I detest using the thing so much that I can’t bear to look further.

  41. I just installed workbench 5.2.33. but couldn`t find how to run Migration tool? when open Plugin & Addons – couldn`t click any where (os win 7)

  42. Sorry, seems a huge leap backwards.
    After altering a table I found out the hard way that the alter table statement wasn’t accepted by the replication slaves! (The good old query browser still works ok)

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