MySQL Workbench 5.1.18 Available

We are proud to announce the next service release of MySQL Workbench 5.1.18. We have fixed another set of bugs and made some improvements you people have been asking for. We have optimized the layout of the Columns-section in our table-editor considering the ideas and exeriences you posted in feature requests, bug-reports and on the forums. Now it should provide a smoother more comfortable workflow.
As already reported in previous blog-posts, this version is also compatible with Apples recently released version of OSX – 10.6 Snow Leopard.
Detailed information on the fixes can be found on our Releases Page.

The new files are available on our download page:

If you encounter problems or have any questions, you can always contact us via IRC (Channel #workbench on, leave a comment here on the blog or post your questions and ideas to the MySQL Forums.

The Workbench Team

23 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.1.18 Available”

  1. Generates Unhandled Exception on overwriting sql file on export for me on Windows. Bug #47115 has been filed.

  2. sorry for this problem, this is a packaging error in the windows-installer-create-script. please fetch the zip package while we are uploading updated installer packages for windows

  3. the download page now lists the new file. the download mirrors may still need a little time to catch up, so if download doesn’t work immediately, please try again a little later (or fetch the .zip package).

  4. Version 5.1.18 mysteriously disappeared from the download page few hours ago. What is happening?

  5. When using workbench, on EER diagrams images start leaving artifacts when scrolling. Is there any way to fix this? So far it has happened in 5.1.17 as well as *.18

  6. “Expand All”/”Collapse All” is not working properly. Actualy, when you close and open a file, all the tables become partially collapsed. It’s not saving the view state of the tables, I think. Well, as it’s already been a month since 5.1.18 was first release, I think this is, by now, a known bug that will be fixed in the next (and very soon, I hope) release. This bug is very annoying.

  7. Great. Is it any better than older versions? I’m still getting bugs that were filed one year ago (with high severity – DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP for example).

    Could you maybe stop adding new features and just make it work properly. It is such a great piece of software, but it’s very hard to use it, because of all those bugs…

  8. when i do an update using reverse or forward engineer i get am application error.

    grtshellform:mysql workbench.exe – application error

    the memory could not be read.

  9. Unhandled exception on Windows Vista Home Basic:
    Add a new table TB1 then add a column “id”. Set the PK as “id” and FK. FK uses “id” in TB1 temporarily.

    Later on add a second column “catid” in TB1. Rename the FK. When try to select “catid” for the FK, unhandled exception was occurred as “External component has thrown an exception”.

  10. MySQL WB 5.1.18a for Windows isn’t available for download from your download pages.

    The download pages keeps telling (no matter which distribution (zip/installer) or mirror has been chosen):

    “You are downloading:


    That file does not exist on our download mirrors.


    But many thanks anyway.

    Best Regards,


  11. 5.1.18a win32 beta:

    when doing forward engineer sql script:

    When Omit Schema Qualifier in object names is unchecked, stored procedures aren’t created properly, it outputs the following:

    USE dbname//
    DROP procedure IF EXISTS `dbname`.`xxxx` //
    dbname //

    on this third line it is missing the USE statement. I have downloaded 5.2.10 beta and in this one this bug has been fixed.

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