Vote For New Packages

What is the Operating System for your personal development machine/laptop that you do or would like to run MySQL Workbench on?

NOTE: This is not about your production server OS, only your personal development OS

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13 thoughts on “Vote For New Packages”

  1. Why did you forget Debian Gnu/Linux ???
    IMHO it’s a great and very popular Linux Distribution

  2. We haven’t had a ton of responses yet, but if the trend of a large number of Linux users continues, then there’s some pretty obvious usability issues that are being overlooked which need to be addressed. It’s just simple stuff like being able to drag and drop columns to rearrange them and having the tables sorted alphabetically in model view rather than the order you created them, but not bad enough to convince you to actually spend lots of time on filing a bug report. These things work on Windows, but for whatever reason they don’t on Linux.

  3. Since you don’t offer the option for *ixen, but do for Windows, please bear in mind that some people run 64-bit Linux too (Ubuntu x64 here).

  4. I finally got it working great with leopard and now snow leopard comes along and ruins my fun. A new package that runs on snow leopard would be great!

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