MySQL Workbench 5.2. Query Functionality Update

Few words about current status of 5.2 branch, its main feature Query Editor, and plans for nearest future about it. 5.2 is still in alpha stage, but we did good progress lately and plan to release beta version soon.
For v5.2.2 major efforts were concentrated on stabilization of existing functionality and code base. There are few improvements in Query Editor visible to end user, while a good bunch of bugs were revealed and fixed – thanks to community for bug reporting. Even more fixes/improvements were merged from 5.1 branch. While we continue to work on stabilization, we plan to add following features before transition to beta stage:

  • Client side sorting
  • Advanced editor for text fields of recordset
  • Saving/retrieving BLOB values
  • Option to propagate changes made to recordset to multiple DBMS instances

Keep an eye on new releases, your feedback is very valuable and helps a lot to come up with a development roadmap and reach product maturity much earlier. Please contribute your remarks for 5.2 and ideas for subsequent versions if you didn’t so yet: Forum: Collecting ideas for MySQL Workbench – SQL IDE

Author: stkachenko

Experience in development of data centric applications, extensible objects frameworks, 4GL parsers, etc.

2 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.2. Query Functionality Update”

  1. Will the final release of 5.2 support Mac OS X 10.6 10A432 Snow Leopard ?
    The public release of Snow Leopard will be in four days, so the current fatal crashing condition of Workbench, is kind of sad.

    I would really like to use this software, but as I am currently running Snow Leopard, I have no chance of giving neither 5.1 nor 5.2 a go.

    Back when I was on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, the workbench beta wasn’t stable, but at least it was able to start.

    PS. I am booting Snow Leopard in 32-bit kernel mode. So it has nothing to do with the new 64-bit kernel.

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