MySQL Workbench 5.1.17 Available

We’re proud to announce the first service release of our current GA product MySQL Workbench 5.1. This maintenance release encompasses a number of stability, performance and quality improvements.
We were able to fix 56 bugs – as always, details on latest changes can be found on our Releases Page.

Please head over to our download page and fetch this new update:

In addition to the improvements on the application, we also updated our packaging procedure to provide a more up to date selection of packages for recent distributions. Along with the Windows and OSX (intel) binaries we now provide binaries for the following Linux distributions:

Ubuntu 8.04  (32/64bit)
Ubuntu 9.04  (32/64bit)
Fedora 11     (32/64bit)

If you encounter any problems, please report them to our bugtracker. Feel free to contact us any time on IRC (, #workbench) for any questions or infos.

– The Workbench Team

20 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.1.17 Available”

  1. sorry for the delay on the SE files, we are facing some problems with our publishing system – we’re currently fixing this

  2. Problems with the download-system for SE versions are fixed, files are finally available.
    sorry again for the inconvenience.

  3. It doesn`t work for me. I don`t know why but after login I can download only 5.1.16SE. 5.1.17SE is nowhere availble for me.

    Any clues?

  4. Very good tool for editing and creating MySQL database, but whataheck is wrong with routine redactor?? it’1 keep hoping to random places, re-ordering procedures and such mess. Im using MS Vista Houme Premium SP2 with all upodates, 5.0.67 database version and 5.1.11 client.

  5. Carlos: what version was it saved on? Can you report a bug?

    user: Please try 5.1.17

  6. Mike: were you able to download 5.1.17SE? Is the problem that you click on the 5.1.17 download link and it fails? Or does it simply not list 5.1.17 for you? Have you tried forcing a reload of the page or something?

  7. I am an SE customer and bug #46875 (does not export foreign keys) essentially makes this release DOA. V16 suffered from INSERTs not being exported. How long before release 18 comes out, or how do I get access to bug fixes to 17 to make this release stable????

  8. Right – I know it has been fixed, hence my question. What is the time frame for release 18? Are there patches available for SE customers to fix this issue in the interim? I am running Workbench on XP.

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