MySQL Workbench 5.1.14 RC2 Online

We’ve just released the second RC of the cross-platform version of MySQL Workbench. Version 5.1.14 is now available for download. We closed 5 bugs since last week and worked on more refinements. For the complete list of changes please take a look at our Releases Page.

Please head over to our Download page to give this release a try:

End of next week we are going to build another RC release before we’re preparing the final GA release of Version 5.1. If you find bugs, please post it to our bugtracker. Feel free to contact us on IRC (, #workbench) for any questions or infos.

– The Workbench Team

4 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.1.14 RC2 Online”

  1. I have a question about versions.
    Do you plan to release 5.1 final release with two licenses like 5.0 is?
    I mean SE and OSS version.

    If so, will 5.0SE users have to pay for 5.1SE as well?

    Are there any chance to get a bit more detailed roadmap? I mean when (more or less of course) is plan what release.

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work guys.

  2. As a WB SE subscriber, during your subscription period, you get all new releases of SE.

    We will talk more about WB 5.2 once WB 5.1 is out.

  3. can you suggest me ,i have try to install in windows 7 32 bit os but ont install mysqlworkbech
    ask for .net frame work these also not install .net frame work my system every time fail.

    1. Hi, this is the wrong place to ask such questions. Not only is that a very old blog postion (the current WB version is 6.3.9), but also the wrong place to discuss problem details. Try our forum or Stackoverflow for answers.

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