MySQL Workbench 5.1 Reaches RC Quality

We are proud to announce the release our first Release Candidate of Workbench 5.1. After publishing another alpha version of Workbench 5.2 (the version that will include querying and administration) we have concentrated on getting 5.1 closer to GA. We have fixed 45 bugs since our last beta release and the last tweaks planned for the final product are in place now.

We are now tightening our release circle while moving closer to the planned GA date of the 5.1 version. We will release two additional Release Candidates at the end of upcoming two weeks and plan to complete the final GA build by the end of June – on all our major platforms.

Please head over to our Download page to get the new release and give it a try:

For the complete list of changes and fixes, see

Keep in mind that this is still work in progress release and we don’t recommend using it on your production files! If you find any flaws or problems please don’t hesitate to contact us. Report any bugs on our bugtracker:

If you want to get in touch meet us live online on IRC. Connect to and join the channel #workbench.

– The Workbench Team

7 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.1 Reaches RC Quality”

  1. Steven R, PPC is not on our current list of new platforms to add. If the community would provide us with a patch we would be happy to apply it to the main source tree but we have to focus on stabilizing WB as quickly as possible and every new platform takes a lot of efforts.

  2. Hi Guys. While I have been following progress closely, and can’t wait to be able to use this tool, I think it is a bit naive to give it an ‘RC’ badge right now.

    For instance, (using OSX version 5.1.14 RC) I can’t even delete indices, and in some cases, can’t specify FK relationships (wierd jitter when specifying the dependency).

    The import from database feature works well now though – great work. Importing an InnoDB schema from a .sql crashes the program though.

    Great progress, close, but not quite RC just yet.

  3. Saeven, thanks for the feedback! Could you open a bug report and attach that SQL that causes the crash? When you can’t create the FK relationships, is that in the Table Editor or on the Diagram with the Relationship Tools? We will look into the index-delete issue.

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