MySQL Workbench speaks SQLite

As many of you already know, MySQL Workbench offers powerful scripting support and a plugin interface that allows anybody to extend the application or add new functionality.

The latest addition to the WB plugin family has been written by Thomas Henlich. It features SQLite compatible SQL export of your Workbench models.

Download it from his blog and please provide feedback on the forums.

We are working on improving the scripting support in WB 5.2 and finally adding proper documentation so even more people can contribute.

14 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench speaks SQLite”

  1. If someone stil don’t kow how install this plugin…
    1. Copy source code to txt file and change extension to *.lua
    2. Open Workbench and click Tools->Install Plugin/Module File…
    3. Select your file with source code and click Open

    Have fun 😉

  2. Install instructions are slightly different on my workbench version:

    1. Download the .lua script
    2. Load up MySQL Workbench
    3. Go to ‘Scripting’ -> ‘Install Plugin/Module’
    4. Change the file type to ‘All Files’ and open the file
    5. Restart MySQL Workbench

    After installing, this is how you use:
    1. Open a MySQL Model
    2. Go to ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Utilities’ -> ‘Export SQLite CREATE script’

    You can then run this .sql file in sqlite to make the actual database.

  3. I found your script very helpfull – thank you. I have some problems with large SQL creation scripts. When runing a script ro create 5-10 tables it all works fine, but I tired to cgenerate about 300 tables which I have in MySQL and the script seem to crash. I use PD SQLite Database Browser (haven’t tried command line though).

  4. Nice plugin.
    As for june 2011, support for ‘Views’ is still missing. Will be good if this plugin was officialy supported/shipped by MySQL.

  5. Can’t install the plugin with MWorkbench 5.2.35. lua file not recognized when trying to import plugin/module: can’t select the lua file.

    any help please ?

  6. Doesn’t work either with complicated schemas or with new versions of Workbench–it’s impossible to tell which. “Unrecognized command in insert” is the show stopper. At present, this plug-in is not usable.

  7. Quick test looks ok on small talbe, but will leave comment if there seem to be any problems beyond this. Ed’d comments noted so will be keen to see this work

  8. Can’t install the plugin with MWorkbench 6.3.3. lua file not supported when trying to import plugin/module

    1. Yes, Lua support has been dropped as nobody was using that. Instead work with python.

  9. Where do I get this plug-in? Please give me an exact location.

    Also, is this still need in WB 6.3?



  10. I also need to import sqlite dump files into MySQL but can’t do that as Workbench 6.3 doesn’t recognise LUA files. any help?

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