MySQL Workbench replacing MySQL Query Browser

Our lastest Alpha2 release of MySQL Workbench 5.2 made it pretty clear that one of our main goals for WB 5.2 is to replace the old MySQL Query Browser (QB) tool.

Even this Alpha2 release already covers most of the essential QB functionality, while at the same time removes some of the biggest limitations that the old QB tool suffers from. Here is a short list of the most important features.

MySQL Workbench 5.2 Features replacing QB

  • Database Connection management
  • SQL statement editor with syntax highlighting
  • Edit multiple statements at the same time (scripts)
  • Editable result sets for table data
  • Database Schema browsing

New MySQL Workbench 5.2 Features

  • Intuitive Database Connection listing on Home page and direct access to SQL Editor
  • Ability to open SQL Editors for many different connections at the same time
  • Instant SQL parsing and syntax error detection while typing
  • Dedicated Output tab-sheet showing database server output
  • Dedicated History tab-sheet showing time-sorted execution history
  • Connection Info tab

MySQL Workbench 5.2 improvements (in respect to QB)

  • One single, unified editor for SQL Queries and Scripts
  • Multiple result sets for SQL Scripts displayed on individual tab-sheets
  • No auto-commit after each execution, possibility to use SQL session variables
  • Automatic limiting of number of result set rows to avoid unwanted network traffic
  • More intuitive, streamlined interface
  • Schema tree fetches data on demand, preventing freezes for huge catalogs

Planned Feature Additions in future Releases

  • Easy to use live Catalog overview & management (in the style of the MySQL Model Page)
  • Live Database Object Editors (reusing the powerful Table/View/Routine editors)
  • SQL Snippets repository
  • New MySQL HTTP Tunneling Connector, allowing owners of web accounts to upload a PHP page to access their database

Please give this early Alpha version a try and tell us what you think.  Your ideas are very welcome!

Sidenote: If you just want to use MySQL Workbench as a schema modeling tool, stick to WB 5.1. We have not added any new modeling features in WB 5.2 yet – and as the model file format has changed – you cannot open your 5.2 models in 5.1 or 5.0 anymore.

34 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench replacing MySQL Query Browser”

  1. This alpha could really do with an SSH tunneling option. I don’t think many serious DBA’s would use a GUI on their database servers. Maybe on their local development environment. Anyways, SSH tunnel built in would make it very nice, and eliminate the need for setting that up externally.

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    Sidenote 2: WordPress thinks it is a good idea to notify the user that the version of WP is outdated and they should tell teh administrator that it is out of date. Me being a good user and all: Your version of WP is out of date 😉


  2. Sounds great.
    To be honest, I am already quite happy with MySQL Query Browser, but one thing pops everytime to my mind: if I only had autocompletion of field names… MySQL Query Browser lacks this features, and I don’t see this in you roadmap too.
    Would you please like to add this as a prioritized feature if possible? It would be a significant improvement since

    – most query errors are beacause of misspelled schema names (attributes, relations etc)
    – most of the time to write a query is looking up the attributes in a separate location. I want to keep focussed while typing.

  3. My wishes for the Workbench QB:
    – Explain SQL button for recent statement
    – execution time showed somewhere
    – editable resultsets like in old QB (or am I doing something wrong?)
    – autocompletion (explained by exceptione) would be so nice 🙂

    There seem to be a bug in the model view, when I open my model file, the Navigator tab is just grey. Besides that, great work so far! 🙂

  4. You cannot edit arbitrary resultsets, but you can edit the data of individual tables using the EDIT command. If you double click a table in the sidebar, the command will be auto-filled. Then you can execute the command and you can edit the data.

    As for other feature requests, I think they all sound reasonable and should get implemented sooner or later.

  5. Custom socket field is missing in advanced = can’t develop anymore on a local machine with MAMP…
    Tried linking ln -s CUSTOM/LOCATION to /tmp/mysql.sock but didn’t work.

  6. +1000 for auto-complete, it’s a must-have feature which in implemented in similar tools

  7. When we’ll see the autocompletion fearture in workbench. It will be great to have it.
    +1000 for autocompletion. 🙂

    1. Hi Priyal,

      this is planned for WB 6.0. If you want something special (apart from the standard auto-completion) please simply file a bug report and mark it as feature request.


  8. Hmm, I don’t even find the “SQL statement editor”. The MySQL Query Browser was so easy to just go and fix content. Now I’m pretty lost, and I can’t find any good samples anywhere either.

  9. The “edit” function seems to lack blob support. mysql-query-browser had extensive support for blob – both binary and text blobs. Sorely missing in workbench.

  10. Where can I find the data modeling tool (DB Designer 4) in MySQL Workbench?

    Thank you.

    Roberta Rousseau

  11. The 5.2 beta should be accessible under the downloads. Or at least a link to the developer section with the download.

  12. too many clicks required to get to query browser… cant find out how to make a shortcut that will open query browser and be connected to the DB I want.. eg save session…

  13. features no here :
    – no easy way to have 10 tabs with 10 different query on the same database.
    – query time, nice to debug query.
    – edit should be the default, please, who need to have edit and select in different button ? I switch all the time and it’s boring.(or select result must be editable like before…)

    Mysql query browser was great and easy to get in..(take me 10 minutes to masterize it…)
    the new product is just too big, full of unuseful stuff for common developer and he doesn’t have the basics needed to develop…

    I think a lot off people are user of mysql query browser to check there query and test them, and for that, the new software is not good at all..

  14. Drop on an action: JOIN Table

    this was as a feature in QB. It used foreign keys for innodb and naming for myisam.

  15. I’d like to submit that editing result set data in the GUI should also be allowed for tables that have a UNIQUE KEY and not just a technical PRIMARY KEY. We use UNIQUE KEY here for reasons I’m not quite certain and there’s no real way we’re going to change a schema with over 300 tables from UNIQUE KEY to PRIMARY KEY. Any chance this allowance could be made?

  16. Auto completion would be the best!
    One simple question: why auto-completion feature is available on WB/Linux version?

    It’s so frustrating!!!

  17. Roger, what auto-completion feature are you talking about that is available on WB/Linux?

  18. I recently wanted to replace a string within MySQL on the fly, but the field could contain 2 items. So I wrapped a REPLACE() within a REPLACE(), such as:

    REPLACE(REPLACE(field_name, “what we are looking for”, “replace first instance”), “something else we are looking for”, “replace second instance”)

    This is the syntax I used to detect a boolean value:

    REPLACE(REPLACE(field, 1, “Yes”), 0, “No”)

    Hope this helps!

  19. @Jonas Corrêa

    WOW man ! thanks for the SQLDBX FREE.

    +1 to the auto completion functionality as a prioritized feature !!

  20. select * from table t where t.(Ctrl + Space) doesn’t do the auto-complete as of version 5.2.47. Please add this or fix it if already added

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