MySQL Workbench 5.2 Querying Quick-Tour

For anybody interested in trying out our new MySQL Workbench 5.2 Alpha2 I have prepared a short Quick-Tour that will show you the most important steps to successfully use WB to query your databases.

Manage Your Connections

MySQL Workbench 5.2 introduces a new Home Page that makes it very easy to access all your Database Connections and EER Models. It features the Workbench Central Panel, the Database Connections Panel and the Model Files Panel.

In order to be able to connect to your  MySQL server you have to create a new Database Connection so MySQL Workbench knows about your server instance. Follow the steps shown below to create your first Database Connection.

Click on the screen shot to see it at full size.WB Query QuickTour Screen 1 small

Connecting to and Working with the MySQL Server

Once you have created your connection, a new Connection Icon will appear on the Database Connections Panel. Double-click this icon to open a SQL Editor for this connection.The next screen-shot shows how to query the database.

Again, click on the image to see it at full size.WB Query QuickTour Screen 2 small

Apart from writing SQL statements in the editor, you can also load scripts via the tool bar buttons.

As you can see it is really straight forward to use the Database Connection management and the new Query Functionality inside of MySQL Workbench 5.2. The current Alpha2 is a very early release but it already shows off some of the potential the final WB 5.2 GA feature set release will offer.

Please give it a try and tell us which features you would like to see in the future. But please remember, this is an Alpha version, so do not work on critical production data.

39 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.2 Querying Quick-Tour”

  1. the edit command is not feasible on tables with a lot of rows. the old querybrowser with editable selects was better. i hope you will bring that feature back or improve the edit command.

  2. Will there be support for making connections to other database systems apart from MySQL (e.g. SQLite)?

  3. gans1, good point. We just introduced that EDIT keyword as a workaround until we can detect wether a normal SELECT is editable or not (like we did in QB).

    Please remember that this is still the 2nd Alpha release. There are lots of things still to be improved and added 🙂

  4. Thanks for this.
    I cannot connect because of a missing custom socket connection field allowing to connect mysql.sock in a different place than /tmp folder. The field is still in MySQL Tools in More options and works with MAMP. It’s a shame because wanted to try out your cool tool…

  5. davss: that was a bug, it has been fixed and will settable be in the next release. However, since we’re working on finishing up the 5.1 branch, it will take a while until a 5.2 release is made.

    But there is a workaround:
    1- locate mysql_rdbms_info.xml from the Workbench installation and open it in some text editor
    2- search for id=”com.mysql.rdbms.mysql.driver.native.param9″
    3- copy/paste the whole entry starting from that line up to the matching </value> tag, to a new entry right after that one
    4- change the id of the duplicated entry from …param9 to param10

  6. Hi,

    I tested this version, which is really an excellent work. But I think there are some bugs to be corrected before add new features. The data model editor is very slow despite my system configuration (dual core, 2Go RAM, Windows). The data are not updated on others table when I rename a column for example. If I redefine a relation the tables associated are not updated.
    To finish the text on tab query editor is not displayed correctly.


  7. Please, make possible to work on database scheme in team. Now it’s almost impossible. We use svn, and only one person can edit shcheme at the moment. If a conflict occupies – we need to change one version with hands.

    It would be greatful, if we’ll be possible to make diff/merge schemes.

    We use OSS version, but would buy SE, as many other people waiting for some possibility to work in team with workbench.

    Thank you for this program.

  8. deniso, yes, we are planning a Team Edition for MySQL Workbench.

    We will offer a merge-GUI that will allow you to resolve the conflicts you get in your version control system.

    But this will not be part of WB 5.2 as there are even more people requesting querying and admin capabilities and we want to get that done quickly.

    Then we can look at the more complex issues like a Team Edition.

  9. I have Version 5.1.18 OSS and it looks nothing like the screenshots above.

    I’d like to migrate from Query Browser, but i can’t see how this works – where is the Query Editor shown in the screenshots above in my version?

    I’m a little new to this, but I’m not 100% certain what Reverse and Forwadr Engineer mean. I’d like to use this tool to manage my live dtatbase, run queries and update records – ie: Just like I do with Query Browser now.

    Also, how do I back up a database (and restore it)?

    All the help topics talk about creating new databases and tables… To be honest, I’m a little confused by the documentation.

    Thanks :o)

    1. Richard, you have to install MySQL Workbench 5.2. The new functionality including SQL Editor and Server Administration has only been added to WB 5.2. You will not find these options in WB 5.1.

  10. Hi.

    I think this product is amazing. Only thing I miss is the ability to edit arbitrary resultsets rather than specific tables.

    Is this functionality already there and I’m missing it or is it coming anytime soon?


    1. Hi Jorge,

      this feature is high on our list for the next version, WB 6.0. A lot of people have asked for it already and we will try hard to get it in there for this release.


    1. Harry, you need to add a LIMIT clause that fits your needs, e.g. LIMIT 10000; We will add an option for that in the preferences dialog so you can change the default to what you see fit.

  11. Installed 5.2.15 OSS and don’t see any way to open the mentioned ‘Query Editor’ tab.

    Only the ‘SQL Editor’ seems to be available which doesn’t have an ‘execute’ button on the toolbar. Only way I can find to execute from this tab is query->execute or cntl->enter; no button.

  12. It will take a bit to get used to the new layout but it looks promising.
    Is there going to be the option export a results set in a csv,excel, or html file like their was in Query Browser?

  13. Michael,
    Thank you I was able to find and export the query results.
    I have one table that has a longtext column and it shows up as “blob” in the query tab and in the exported results only as an ellispis.
    Is there a setting that would allow me to view this data in both the result query tab and the exported results?

  14. how to make the sql editor to support sql comment syntax such as — # % ? anytime if I open the sql script file with those of comment and try to execute them, it gives me syntax error

  15. how to make the sql editor to support sql comment syntax such as — # % ? anytime if I open the sql script file with those of comment and try to execute them, it gives me syntax error.

  16. I still can’t figure how to get to the querying interface. I am using Version 5.1.18. When I open OSS, I see only a page containing info for ‘mydb’. By creating the DB connection, I am able to reverse engineer my database. But still can’t figure how to query. I don’t see any DB connection link that I can double click on.

    1. Siva,
      for the Query and Adminstration parts you need to use our in-development version 5.2 (not the current GA version 5.1.18).


  17. Hi. Nice job, guys.
    I miss the Catalogs overview of the old Administrator, though..
    (the one showing all tables with engine, #rows, data & index length, update time)
    Anything similar in the new WB (or upcoming?)
    Thanks, bye!

  18. With Workbench 5.2
    How do you setup a scheduled backup?
    Or even a manual one – like we had with MySQL Administrator?

  19. Please put back the ability to schedule a backup or create a plug-in for it! Why would this great feature have been taken out? Now I need to find a 3rd party solution or keep using MySQL Admin.

  20. The schedule backup feature from the MySQL Admin tool is an important feature for novice mysql user which many of my clients are, to take advantage of. Many of them are choosing not to upgrade to workbench because of the loss of this feature. Backing up is one of the most important things that an admin needs to. I hope you will consider re-including this feature into workbench.

  21. I have a 4.4 million datasets in my MySQL database; my executed SELECT COUNT GROUP BY HAVING statement returns c. 1.2 million results – only the Workbench doesn’t let me see them – AND I can’t export them because of the export limit. I haven’t found any other database GUI that can do this – HELP!

  22. Please put the scheduled back-up feature back in, if workbench is intended to replace administrator I don’t understand why this feature has been removed …

  23. The administration component of Workbench is a great step forward to having an integrated tool. This being said, until the features that are in MySQL Administrator are replicated in Workbench it cannot be a substitute – scheduled backups being a case in point. Numerous other small bugs also limit the usability, such as the inability to locate the correct .ini file (or to set it) for a server instance, turn on the system tray monitor, etc…. I am sure that in time these things will be solved, and all who have worked on this are to be congratulated for doing such a magnificent job. I am looking forward to doing away with the older GUI Tools.


  24. MySQL-Workbench is a nice looking joke. – It took me hours to notice that I cannot do backups and restores with this piece of software like I used to do with MySQL-administrator.


  25. How do I connect to my webhost mysql database using mysql workbench? what do I put in the following fields:

    hostname = ??? I tried my domain host ip
    username = database user name
    schema = the database name

    I get the following error:

    Connecting to MySQL server…

    Access denied for user ‘mpbook’@’’ (using password: YES)

    Please advise.

  26. MySQL Workbench cannot connect to xampp mysql. Any solution please. I have checked the solution provided by interconnectit. It does not work.

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