MySQL Workbench 5.0.30 available

Our download servers have just been loaded with the latest version of our current GA version of MySQL Workbench 5.0. We managed to close 27 bugs for this release. While 10 were actually fixed in code, we also re-validated many reports in our bug-DB and found 17 bug-reports which could be closed
as the reported issue has been fixed in the meantime. We also added some shortcut-keys to the wizard interfaces – it’s now possible to flip through the wizard pages (next, cancel, back) using shortcut key-combinations.

Please hop right to the download page and fetch the new release.

8 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.0.30 available”

  1. Sorry, but I agree with agrzemali, this app it’s really buggy and unstable. I can’t use it the windows version, only works well the 5.1 in linux. Please forget .net and compile the 5.1 to windows. Thanks!

  2. Im using Version 5.1.10 beta on ubuntu and the program is seriously unstable. There are times when i want to export to SQL where the program quits but this seems to happen randomly. I cant remember off hand all the the things i have done that have caused it to crash but holy cow, there have been a couple.

    i have found that if i copy and paste triggers then this seems to create aab tables and triggers as well as removes tables. I wanted to use this for our company, in fact i started using it with a large project and loved it until i had to recreate tables and delete bogus ones which seemed to appear randomly. I know i should go and create bug reports but just feel like venting my frustration here.

    This will be a awesome product when some of these things have been ironed out.

    Ill come back and test the next versions…

  3. Tried the last version on OSX snow leopard and was excited to see the reverse feature came back from the famous days of DB Designer 4. Then I did a reverse of one of my own db to have a better view and remodel some parts graphically. But then I decided to go back to power architect because either the same methods and team are working on mysql workbench : the software hangs up when you remove some relationships, table names don’t show, bugs and crashes randomly (on A MAC !!!) where power architect does never crash for weeks. There has been a good fork of dbdesigner the 1.4 version it was almost stable, but WBench is still a greater idea(than PA) with a deceiving implementation. You should rework the foundations to make something rock solid instead of adding functions that may not work.

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