MySQL Workbench 5.0.28 Available

We’re happy to announce a new update of our MySQL Workbench 5.0. We’ve fixed a list of bugs (can be seen on our Release-Info-Page) and improved the table figures by adding the option to display column-properties like Not Null, Auto Increment and Unsigned directly on the Table Figure. This new feature is deactivated by default and can be switched on via the Options Dialog (Extras->Options, Diagram-Tab) by checking the Show Column Table Flags Option.

Get the latest version now:

Our work on the Linux version of Workbench 5.1 has made big progress, so we’re planning to publish a new Linux alpha update next week – stay tuned, penguins.

4 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.0.28 Available”

  1. I sure would like some news on MySQL Workbench for Mac OSX. I’ve got an Enterprise license for MySQL Workbench for my day job on a PC, but I’m having to build AppBeacon with SQLEditor….

    Any good news for us Mac users?

  2. I can no longer see the red diamond index icons at the left of each column name in the diagram view on tables. Is this a bug or intended? And is there any way to turn them back on again?

  3. Sorry, I meant the red icons for foreign keys. Oddly, when I open my MWB 5.0.27 files, almost every column is shown with no icon. Only a few columns have a blue-outlined diamond icon, and every Primary key has a yellow key icon. When i create a new mwb file from scratch, the outlined blue icons are shown for every field except foreign keys. Something seems wrong ..?

  4. Spoke with jtaxacher and it looks like the .msi installer is missing some icon files for 5.0.28, so if you aren’t seeing icons like I noted above, install the ZIP version and all is well.

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