MySQL Workbench 5.0.26 Ready to Download

This one was to planned to leave the hangar late last week, but a well hidden bug in the table-comparison kept us from finishing the release. But now it’s ready, the next release of our current GA release of MySQL Workbench, Version 5.0.26.
We did some minor tweaking on the UI – the property-pane now shows object-properties for objects on the MySQL-Model-Page too and we’re using another algorithm for the Autolayout-Feature (this needs to be optimized, it’s a basic implementation for now). Please check out the new version right from our main download page.

2 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.0.26 Ready to Download”

  1. Well…
    i used in the past tha fabforce tool and was really disappointed with the features present there and that are not available anymore such as connecting to database for reverse engineering.

    Yes it does it from a sql file but when working on a few projects at the same time it is a bit anoying making dumps of each database to import it into this new app.

    I Went back to fabforce but will follow the updates.

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