MySQL Workbench 5.0.25 Available

We’re happy to announce the next release of MySQL Workbench 5.0. This one has 19 bugs fixed compared to the last version. We’re about to complete the first alpha version of Workbench 5.1 but in parallel we’re continuing our bug-raid for 5.0 (most of the fixes also go into 5.1 code as well). Stay tuned for the next announcements here on

3 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.0.25 Available”

  1. Hi Johannes,

    Thanks for posting this update. When you do this, would it be possible for you to post a link to the actual download page? I know it would save me a lot of time and I’m sure it would for others too. Thanks!

  2. jeffreymcmanus, thanks for pointing that out. We will include the direct link in the future.

    xsisee, can you be more descriptive? What exactly is not working for you?

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