MySQL Workbench 5.0.24 online

Finally, the next release of version 5.0 is available on our download servers. During summer time, our release-cycle got a bit loose, but we’re about to tighten that again so the next release will hit the servers in less than a month again. 24 bugs were closed since release 5.0.23. Unfortunately one of the bugs discovered lately (and of course fixed in this release) was a bug in our auto-update module that could lead to a crash of Workbench when updater tried to close the running application. As a result, we had to deactivate automatic updates for versions < 5.0.24 so please fetch you copy manually this time via our download page. All customers of SE version please log into your account and download the updated SE package from there – sorry for the inconvenience.
The ongoing work on version 5.1 is making good progress, while we’re further decreasing the number of remaining bugs in 5.0. Download our latest build – manually this time – and keep on designing …

One thought on “MySQL Workbench 5.0.24 online”

  1. What a beautiful tool…just came across it yesterday, as I thought about how useful a dedicated diagramming tool for MySQL would be!

    Probably the most intuitive piece of kit I have ever used…well done to all concerned, keep up the good work…

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