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A common misunderstanding seems to be that the only way to increase the available “paper space” for a diagram is by increasing the size of the paper. But there is another way to do that, which is in the Model -> Diagram Size dialog, where you can set the number of pages your diagram has, vertically and horizontally (perhaps it’s not very obvious to first time users, so we’ll be working on making it more easily accessible).

model menu

diagram size

Another recurring issue is that of printing in the community version. Direct printing is currently only available in Workbench SE, but that doesn’t mean you cannot print using the OSS version. You can still export the model to a variety of formats, like PDF, PNG and SVG. And once you export as an image you can print it with any tool that can handle such files, like Acrobat Reader or something similar.

Author: Mike Lischke

Team Lead MySQL Workbench

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  1. I have the Workbench SE and I find it impossible to print a diagram that goes over more than one page as only one of the diagram pages actually gets printed. I end up using the PDF export anyway. It turns out to be much more flexible because the print dialog on Adobe Reader 8 allows enlargement and reduction etc to fit onto the page.

  2. The bug in printing diagrams that span multiple pages has been fixed in a recent release. Scaling to fit and picking the exact portion of the diagram to be printed are features that are planned and will be added, but you’re right that sometimes it’s more flexible to use a specialized tool for printing from the PDF.

  3. You could be right. I don’t think the issue is printing over several pages. My model size is only 1 x 1 page. However, when I try to print, I only get half of my model actually printing. I will investigate further next week and raise a bug if I don’t find one already raised. I have two layers and only the second one prints, so I will create some models with one layer or without any to see if that helps. Another alternative may be to put each layer on a separate page.

  4. Wow, this article was a real timesaver. This aspect of workbench has to be the least intuitive thing I’ve tried to use in some time. I think they could make some real improvements on this. In the end I guess that makes sense the way it works, but there’s no figuring that out easily.

    Thanks for the article!

  5. Check out PosteRazor.
    A free utility that will take any large graphic image (like an ER Diagram .png!) and print it to a multiple page pdf.

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