Perspective: Addons and Community site

Along with evolving and documenting interface for writing Workbench plugins we think about community site which will make sharing and usage of plugins within community extremely easy. Conceptually it will be close to Users will be able to explore directory of published addons, read description and comments on them, quickly install and rate whatever they consider necessary. To install selected addon user will have just to drag’n’drop corresponding link to Workbench, and the rest will be done by Workbench. Every addon will be supplied with manifest file describing its version, dependencies on other addons (if any), files to be installed, menu items to be added, etc. Addon has wide definition, it could be a plugin (dynamic library), set of demo models, documentation, SQL scripts, whatever. Now things are nearly in the middle of development stage. If you have ideas on how to improve the process of sharing/publication/discussion/promotion of community written addons please let us know in dedicated forum Help us to reach a maximum of usability with Workbench community site.

Author: stkachenko

Experience in development of data centric applications, extensible objects frameworks, 4GL parsers, etc.

2 thoughts on “Perspective: Addons and Community site”

  1. What will you do when someone writes a plugin that will automate the ‘forward engineer alter script’ function, and applies the result to a database?

    This will take the incentive away for a lot of people to buy the standard edition.

    You probably don’t like to hear it, but it’s better to work out how to deal with that now, then when the sh*t hits the fan. 😛

  2. Epskampie, the community is free to come up with all kind of plugins they think are most useful. And we will be happy to host them on our site.

    And it is correct that it’s our job to keep the offering of Standard Edition attractive to our customers.

    Like you can read on the many postings I have written here, it is not our intention to keep something from OSS Edition. We only have to make sure that there is enough in SE to attract people and make the step to support the project.

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