MySQL Workbench 5.0.22 released

After some glitches – mainly introduced by switching to the new source control system – we are presenting a new release of version 5.0 (built right out of our shiny new bazaar repository). This release has another 17 bugs fixed (along with some additional adjustments to improve usability). While we are already working in parallel at version 5.1 we are constantly fixing the remaining bugs in our present release version.

3 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.0.22 released”

  1. Installed 5.0.22 … Ok
    Run 5.0.22 … Failed

    It ran as far as the splash screen then it signalled an error, I don’t know which error because the error window wouldn’t appear. Had to stop the program with the task manager…:(

    Tried several times… Reverting to 5.0.21

  2. Problem Solved – For some reason, it was trying to find a file in a directory, both of which don’t exist any more, and haven’t for over six months…

    Works fine now…

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