MySQL Workbench – Unscheduled Beta Release 5.0.14a

We uploaded a updated beta release 5.0.14a to our mirrors yesterday. There was a small issue (with not so small effects) where some users were unable to open files created with earlier versions of MySQL Workbench. Please fetch this update to avoid this problem.

2 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench – Unscheduled Beta Release 5.0.14a”

  1. Still no news about Linux versions or how it is supposed to work one day.
    They are probably bought by Microsoft to keep developers on Windows. I don’t see why they cannot develop using crossplatform frameworks like Qt (where there was already esisting code), Java or Mono. The .NET framework (Microsoft) that has been used gives the same advantages/disadvantages as to other frameworks mentioned. The main difference is that Microsofts product does not run on Linux.

  2. .NET is used in Windows only, Linux will use GTK.
    But you have a good point, I’ll post something more or less
    detailed about architecture and how WB will be ported to Linux and OSX.
    The thing is that the Linux port will take a while until it’s ready because
    we’re focusing on getting WB to GA at all first. Then we will work on
    porting, which shouldn’t take long and the result should be better
    than something that uses a non-native framework.

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