MySQL Workbench 5.0.14 beta released

A few days behind schedule, we can announce that the new beta – version 5.0.14 – has reached our mirrors. A bunch of improvements and fixes are incorporated in this release. The software rendering mode has been changed to using Windows GDI instead of the mesa-library. This change brings a big (and badly needed) performance boost when using MySQL Workbench without openGL rendering. There are further improvements like the brushed up property editor, new view-options on the overview page or manually resizable table-objects. Code has been cleaned up extensively and over 30 bugs has been squashed since 5.0.13. Take a look at our Releases Page to read all the dirty details.
Please check out the new release and see whats new and better.

3 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.0.14 beta released”

  1. It’s exceptionally annoying there is still no version which is workable on Linux. Not even the Windows version under wine.

    DBDesigner4 fails to work on a lot of recent distributions, but there are no updates to that as it’s supposed to succeeded by MySQL Workbench.

    This has left users of opensource desktops with no viable tool for an exceptionally long, and in my opinion unreasonable, time.

  2. I am an opensource enthusiast too, but I don’t get why they should split their effort between two different development environments, instead of reaching good stability and then concentrate on porting…

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