MySQL Workbench 5.0.10 Beta available for download

I just sent out the mail to the mailing lists to officially announce the 5.0.10 release. I have added an additional page that will keep track of the changes we make and it is available here. The change log file is included in the source package as well of course.

I am curious how the level of regression bugs will be. For Workbench we have a unit testing framework in place as well as an ever expanding suite of UI tests. We are using TestComplete and as long as the tool does not crash itself (which happens quite a lot, sadly) it is quite useful to automated the UI testing.

Please keep testing and reporting bugs. We will keep working hard to fix reported issues as fast as possible.

4 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench 5.0.10 Beta available for download”

  1. Hi Guys,

    I like it a lot so far!!

    I am using the Workbench to develop supporting databases for an expert system. A couple of nits:

    1. I’m finding it really frustrating that the Autolayout and Center Diagram Contents commands are …well… awful. You have to fix them before beta ends. They just scatter stuff.

    2. Also, one should be able to dynamically +/- zoom a diagram (as with the mouse wheel).

    3. I don’t see an export diagram to PDF, PNG, or other raster format. Gotta have that.

    4. Also, I don’t seem to be able to print to a single, letter-sized sheet (8.5 x 11). Everything is crammed into the upper 1/4 of the sheet, no matter how I rearrange it.

    I guess what I’m griping about is that since it’s a visual tool, it’s important that it be WYSIWYG.

    Jason Morris
    Morris Technical Solutions LLC

  2. Hi!

    1. Autolayout is tricky and we’ll try to improve it, but since it’s a difficult topic (and we have so much to do in other areas), we’ll also invite people
    to write their own layouting plugins. Center Contents was working as expected the last time I’ve tried, but I’ll check again to make sure.

    2. We’ll think of some mouse whell+shortcut combination for zoom that doesnt conflict with plain scrolling

    3. There are export to PDF and PNG menu items in File -> Export menu.

    4. That must be a bug, we’ve got to fix that.

    Thanks for the feedback!


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