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view.h File Reference
#include <boost/signals2.hpp>
#include "mforms/base.h"
#include "mforms/utilities.h"
#include "base/geometry.h"
#include "base/trackable.h"
#include "base/drawing.h"

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struct  mforms::TextAttributes
struct  mforms::DragDetails
class  mforms::DropDelegate
 Delegate class for events caused by a drop operation. More...
class  mforms::View


 Implementation of a composite used to select a file system object like a file, folder, device, drive etc.


enum  mforms::Alignment {
  mforms::NoAlign, mforms::BottomLeft, mforms::BottomCenter, mforms::BottomRight,
  mforms::MiddleLeft, mforms::MiddleCenter, mforms::MiddleRight, mforms::TopLeft,
  mforms::TopCenter, mforms::TopRight, mforms::WizardLabelAlignment
enum  mforms::MouseButton { mforms::MouseButtonLeft = 0, mforms::MouseButtonRight = 1, mforms::MouseButtonOther = 2, mforms::MouseButtonNone = 0x80 }
enum  mforms::DragOperation { mforms::DragOperationNone = 0, mforms::DragOperationCopy = 1 << 0, mforms::DragOperationMove = 1 << 1 }


const std::string mforms::DragFormatText = "com.mysql.workbench.text"
const std::string mforms::DragFormatFileName = "com.mysql.workbench.file"
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