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textbox.h File Reference
#include <mforms/view.h>
#include <mforms/utilities.h>

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class  mforms::TextBox
 Multiline text editing control. More...


 Implementation of a composite used to select a file system object like a file, folder, device, drive etc.


enum  mforms::ScrollBars {
  mforms::NoScrollBar = 0, mforms::HorizontalScrollBar = (1 << 0), mforms::VerticalScrollBar = (1 << 1), mforms::BothScrollBars = (HorizontalScrollBar | VerticalScrollBar),
  mforms::SmallScrollBars = (1 << 2)
enum  mforms::KeyCode {
  mforms::KeyNone, mforms::KeyChar, mforms::KeyModifierOnly, mforms::KeyEnter,
  mforms::KeyReturn, mforms::KeyHome, mforms::KeyEnd, mforms::KeyPrevious,
  mforms::KeyNext, mforms::KeyUnkown
 Code which abstracts special keys for each platform, to be used in the key event. More...
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