MySQL Workbench  6.1
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NmformsImplementation of a composite used to select a file system object like a file, folder, device, drive etc
 CAppProxy class for interfacing with the host application window
 CAppViewA view that is dockable into the host application window
 CBoxPlaces child views sequentially in a vertical or horizontal layout
 CButtonA clickable button control
 CCheckBoxA checkbox toggle control
 CCodeEditorConfigHelper class to manage editor configuration files
 CContainerIntermediate class used to collectively check for containers and later maybe implement special container functionality
 CContextMenuA menu that can be attached to other controls
 CDockingPointProxy class for interfacing with host application windows
 CDropDelegateDelegate class for events caused by a drop operation
 CFileChooserA File Picker dialog
 CFormA standalone, top-level window
 CImageBoxShows an image file
 CLabelA control with some static text
 CListBoxA list control with a single column and multiple rows
 CMenuBarA menu that can be added to the host application
 CMenuItemA menu item that can be added to the host application menus
 CPanelA generic single item container with optional border
 CProgressBarA progress bar to show completion state of a task
 CRadioButtonA radio button that will unselect other buttons in the same group when selected
 CScrollPanelA container panel with scrollbars
 CSelectorA button (or text entry) with a popup menu that allows selection of a single item
 CSplitterA splitter/split view/paned view to accommodate 2 child views with a draggable divider
 CTableContainer to layout child items in a grid of rows and columns
 CTabViewA Notebook/Tabbed view
 CTextBoxMultiline text editing control
 CTextEntrySingle line text edit control, with support for some special events
 CTreeNodeViewControl to show nodes in multiple columns in the form of a tree
 CUtilitiesVarious Utility functions
 CWebBrowserHTML browser
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