Windows Build Instructions

We are using different Windows Versions (XP, Vista, 7) to build MySQL Workbench – so it should work fine on any of these. As Development Tool on Windows we use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, so if you are going to build Workbench on Windows from source, you need to have that installed on your machine. There’s no public source-tree available, so you need to download a zipped copy of the source-files (we publish source packages along with every release). All 3rd party libraries needed to properly compile Workbench on Windows, are zipped up in an additional “externals” package which we host on our support-ftp server. Following is a short step-by-step list of how to build MySQL Workbench from source on Windows:

  • Install MS Visual Studio 2010 in case you haven’t done so yet
  • Download a copy of the latest source package from our main download site (select Source Code in the platform dropdown and pick the generic package)
  • Download the latest externals package from this location:
  • Unzip both archives into the same base-directory
  • Execute the SetEditionGPL.cmd file in the root directory of the source-package
  • Open the MS Visual Studio Solution File MySQLWorkbench.sln (you will get an error-message about a testing project missing, that can be safely ignored)
  • As last step, before actually starting the build process, be sure to set the solution configuration as preferred (Debug or Release_OSS) and also set the Solution Platform to x86
  • Start the build process

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